Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We voted!

M and I.
It was not a very exciting process.
 I live in a tiny town, so no lines, no anxious waiting.
We were in and out in 10 minutes.
M wondered where the excitement was. She expected much more. 
She said " Mom, maybe the excitement will come, Later? Oh, I hope so.
 I am a bit reserved, it's going to be a very long day. Everybody I have ever voted for, except Bill has lost.
I did get excited for Al. 
Went to bed happy, and woke up with the rug yanked. Worst case scenario, I will trudge along, crestfallen, and hope my country does not screw up anything else for our children.
Let's hope.I want to say, YES WE DID!-K

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Stephanie S. said...

I'm still recovering from the last two elections. Really. (from the election part, never mind the aftermath, since then.)
I think i've been walking around in a state of denial for eight years.... he can't be President.....

Looks like I'll be walking to the school that hosts my precinct. Towing two babes. In the snow. :)
Don't wanna wait til six or seven when Eric gets home.

I just hope we know tonight or tomorrow and not in four days, like the other time. I can't take that again.

Thinking Peace,