Friday, November 14, 2008

A very long picture ladden post

Ok, so nothing extremely exciting happening, except one big thing, which I will get to down below. We have had a lovely few days being local and lazy. 
 M is such a fashionista. She can put together the most random things and look good.
I mean she can make wearing two skirts appear so effortless!
 The creek that heads away from the house has had a white object in it for about a week.
We all took our best guesses as to what it was,
and took a hike out there.
A  bucket.
On the way back, we got a really close view of a root system. 
 It is so much more fascinating than an illustration.
Onto this,
so we can get onto this,
and this!
But he did get to do this.
50 lbs. of carrots, and potatoes from a local organic farm for a killer price!
Bulk is your friend.
Chicken love.
Spore magic.
Goaty togetherness.
Finding treasures.
Back on down for
story hour with M.
Sauteed carrots, potatoes, and granny smiths for lunch, 
Playground #1
Damp day, no less.
That's me, right there.
Mountain climbers.
Sharing some tunes with folks at guitar lessons.
Looking for Beavers.
Maybe frogs?
Found recent Beaver activity,
 and some more..
Throwing stones ( I LOVE that song!)
Playground #2
Home at last to see the Turkeys
And now to reveal our large news.
Nope, not a baby.
 Well, kind of, but worse.
This absolutely lovely 
unbelievably sweet
 Tomorrow, we put a deposit on her.
 M has named her, Carly.
 M rides her tomorrow. She will be here on the creek to live, in one month!
We are in for it now, eh?-K


Amber said...

Oh my god that is so exciting. She is gorgeous. Oh congrats on finding her she is perfect...xx

Stephanie S. said...

I'm happy for you guys.
I'm so glad that it worked out well, and that you can get her.
Very exciting!!

Mon said...

Hi, here from Amber's blog...

What a gorgeous place you live in. You're children are so fortunate to be surrounded by so much beauty and stillness.

I'll wait to read about what the horse is for.

julie said...

what exciting news for you guys!! How fun to have a horse around.

Pax said...

Good news about Carly! Great to see the guys getting so big. We miss you down here.