Monday, November 3, 2008

Turkish food part iki

I really have to finish posting our trip. First I need to finish the food part.
Man, I miss the food.
 Turkish food is amazing.
This is homemade Tahini bread
The Tahini, or sesame seed paste is smeared on the dough.
The dough is then rolled up
cut, and shaped into rings.
 They are pretty tasty!
 The next food that we had quite a bit of is called Etli ekmek.
 This pretty much means bread with meat.
 It is the equivalent to our pizza.
 It is eaten with Aci biber, or spicy peppers, and melon.
 Also a traditional yogurt drink called Ayran is served with it.
The two together is the perfect combination.
The next yummy thing that was made for us one morning, was a pizza frite, or doughnut style dough called Bisi ( pronounced Bishi)
Like any thing fried, it was outstanding.
 The kids
 enjoyed theirs
with sugar on top.
I enjoyed mine with feta cheese and blackberry jam.
It was damn good.
For our farewell dinner, we were treated to chicken baked in rock salt.
It was way cool.
 The rock salt baked hard over it, creating it's own little oven allowing it to roast in it's own juices.
The best part was cracking it open!
Looks messy, but it cleans up well.
 I invited the neighborhood stray.
It was a great dinner, 
and nope it was not super salty.
It was delicious!-K

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My mouth is watering from this post. Wow yummmmmmmmmm...