Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So yesterday, I decided to get out of here, away from media and from obsessively watching the news for exit poll results, and accompany Julie and Ryan to OSV homeschool day.
I am so glad that we did. It really did eat up our day in a most joyful way.
We left around 9 and returned home at 5.
M dressed in full regalia.
They ran free
Faced mortality questions
Explored the cobblers store
Found a crowd
A field 
of grasshoppers to catch!
 Or perhaps to watch things.
Potters house
Pinch the sides and it grows
The Kiln
A gift of clay
leads to dirty hands.
Cute baby cows
K and the Cooper, had a lovely conversation.
K wanted to give him a bouquet of grasses that he had in his pocket. But they got all smushed. So K said to him, " Since my gift is broken, I will instead tell you all about bugs"
It was a wonderful conversation, and that man was just taken with my sweet boy. 
I love that kid.
Turned the corner and we were invited to dig potatoes.
 By hand!
 This was the most fun thing!
 These little tubular treasures
 brought so much fun!
I am thinking we need to plant more
 potatoes next year.
 Then those dirty diggers
 worked together
 and carried this hefty load all the way to the barn!
Next up, climb large boulder
Feeling so done with our day,
we headed home.
Tv and couch till 1 am.
After last nights results, I feel like we have risen above just so much.
The Nation has spoken, loudly.-K

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