Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Sunday with M

M loves just me and her time. 
With NO boys.
She loves her alone time away from "THE BROTHERS".
So on Sunday, we went to her great friend Ava's 7th birthday.
 Happy Birthday, Ava!
It was a skating party.
It was M's first time on ice with skates.
She loves trying new things, and after a very 
She did ok for a very new skater.
 She can't wait to go again!
Afterwards, we went shopping! That is one of her favorite things to do as well. She helped me save up a million of those 20% off coupons from Bed, Bath & Beyond. 
 We headed out to do some damage.
With all of our coupons, we saved 138.58.
Bedding is too expensive. 
My duvet cover was 80.00, M's was a 100.00.
I really should learn how to sew.
The problem is not learning the skill, but finding the time frankly...
Anyway, we weren't done yet!
 Off to the Christmas Tree Shop to get cheap holiday decorations.
 M's second most favorite thing is decorating and organizing.
 She has our house all Christmased and T day'd out.
 She did all of the decorating that she can possible do in this house.
 She is a funny little chickie.
Anyway, we love our time together. She helps me make the most wonderful decisions about products. And also makes me brave enough to buy prints and items that I never would have on my own, but then grow to love.
My little girl rocks.-K


Dawn said...

Looks like a wonderfuil GIRL day!!

Amber said...

Oh that is so sweet..she looks like such a little gem. We are lucky to have little girls that grow to be our best friends.
Time with them is so special.
I loved this, it was so sweet...xxxx