Monday, November 17, 2008

science Monday 11/17/09

So this time we hosted science. We chose the element oxygen to explore.
 It started off with cookies, because they are shaped like the letter O.
 Well, O is the symbol for Oxygen on the periodic table.
So we talked a bit about oxygen, it's properties, and peculiarities. You know, oxygen is a pretty pale blue color when in liquid or solid form. So then we held our breath for a little bit.
Then we discussed how oxygen was a combustion. This brought us to the old candle no air trick. 
 Then letting it almost go out, and quickly letting air in to light it again.
The grand finale was the releasing of oxygen out of hydrogen peroxide, which is just water with an extra atom of oxygen in it.
 We used yeast as a catalyst.
Oh yeah,
foamy goodness!
 Oh, Oxygen.
 We are ever so grateful for your being the third most abundant element on earth and on the sun. 2/3 of our body is made up of you! 
So we salute you.
 I'll stop...-K

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