Saturday, November 29, 2008


Our Thanksgiving was lovely and lazy, and satiating. It started with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!
Next, we got to cooking our contributions to the feast mid morning.
It was bustling in that kitchen, and it was great!
K was fascinated with the the process of making mash potatoes.
He loved talking about all the steps.
 And cutting.
He really liked cutting.
 And mashing, mashing was good a time, that was fun.
Gizzards for thankful creek doggies!
M set the up the entire table
plus decorations of gourds and figures.
It looked great.
 Big A was on bird duty. 
This year he tried a new technique, an oven bag.
 E helped by spreading playdough about the floor...
A's niece, Sabrina, joins us every year, and Thanksgiving is also her birthday!
 M made a wonderful birthday crown for her.
So it was time for the big eat.
Everybody's long awaited favorite part.
 It was lip licking good!
Just ask E!
We recovered on the couch for a while.
E snuck away, and when my Mom found him, he looked like this,
doing this!
He felt the need to nakify and water play, I guess...
 Anyway, we eventually moved on to birthday song singing,
cake eating, 
jug drinking,
 picture posing,
and Charlie Brown watching!
 Then we had to tend to the turkey aftermath.
 Around here, we call it the birds revenge.
Hope you all all had a gastronomic day as well!-K


Dawn said...

Looks like a GREAT day!!
I didn't realize that A had family here. How many did you have total??

MamaK said...

A's Aunt, Uncle, and Niece are the only ones! We had five guests total, usually my Gma comes, but she went to my cousins this year. Loved the full house though!-K