Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh great Hallows Eve

It was great this year.
 We found the spot!
 It was blocked off by the state police and there were a more than a hundred people milling about us!
other people!
Sorry about this picture, I can never get my camera to work properly in the dark.
 There were also many wagon loads of kids on different tractors about.
Such a difference from last year. You know your in the wrong parts when people seemed genuinely shocked that you are there. "
Oh, where are you from? We haven't had kids in 6 years..."
 K ran up to each house, anxious to say the words that would deliver sweet goodness into his bucket.
 " Mom this is my greatest day ever..."
 He really likes candy.
 The boys were a bit nervous about the big kids and their scary costumes.
They loved walking around and checking out the spooky decor.
 The kids dressed up as the following:
M was a very fancy lady with glowy designs on her face.
 She says she is too old to be a princess, hence the very fancy lady bit.
 E was a pirate, with large glowing scar,
 And K was a zombie knight, and his whole face glowed.
 He was very into his face.
 Just so you know.
Check out this pumpkin.
That is just awesome!
Speaking of pumpkins, the farm where we get our pumpkins from put on a killer display of about 80+ glowing gourds.
This one caught my attention.
 I can't wait to vote.
I am vibrating with anticipation.
The other half
The last bit!
So friendly!
Off to the local Diner for some real food.
 E was so tired
 that he actually sat down, for the entire meal!
Lastly, we filled up the tank and was treated to a motorcycle driving primate!
Good times....
How did your halloween go?-K


Dawn said...

Looks like a great evening!!

Stephanie S. said...

that was great!
I'll have to remember to carve a peace symbol next year.
and I love the gorilla.
and that wicked scar on that so sweet face is just... i don't know what. I don't buy it, though. :)
I also love the Fancy Lady bit.

EC said...

Oh how I love the gorilla on the motorcycle!

Great pics, K!