Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It was a pretty typical day in the life for us.
 I love snapping hourly or as activities change throughout a single day to see what happens around here. Sometimes just how much happens in a day slips by me if I don't look closely enough.
History channel had a great program on pirates of yore and then modern pirates.
 Some watched, some listened.
It then lead to K making a treasure map.
 M headed off to work on some stuff.
 She took a break after a few pages to help her brother work on some math by the fire.
Everything is better by the fire.
Mama attended a laundry situation.
K absorbed himself in ancient Egypt.
 See this guy?
Well, K figured out a good way to look like him!
E helped vacuum.
K moved onto identifying his sharks.
M settled on math.
We watched a Mantis eat.
That is one cool bug.
After a quick lunch, we headed out to a local farm to meet our bucks!
We spent a good chunk of time there.
This is the best Turkey in the world!
 If my Turkeys turn out half as cool, I will be thrilled.
 C'mon! Now that's cute!
This is Mini's buck, the white one looking at E.
This one is Leyla's.
Back at home, and M decided to write a bit.
She has me go over her work and show her the right way to spell her words.
History channel showing of the Hindenburg leads to discussions, and reading about what else was happening in America at that time.
I love the interest that one topic sparks, so awesome.
M researched what her new bunnies will need when they come home. She identified these items in a magazine. We then added up the items, and tailored our order to a preset budget. I assisted her through the internet order. 
She then inventoried the art room, and restocked items by circling the things we needed in a magazine.
E helped with dinner.
 Fell asleep with Dad.
The most interesting thing that was said was by K, as usual
"Mom, come feel my butt! It feels just like a peach!"-K


Dawn said...

OMG ~ A Peach?!

MamaK said...

You know, those little fuzzy hairs!-K