Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mini rendezvous

was a tad anticlimactic.
She knew things were going different when she ended up eating a carrot in the car...
She was rearing to go, but her studly goat companion was not into casual sex.
 He was so not into girls who throw themselves at him. 
He did the whole ignore thing. 
I watched them for a while, but nothing much going on. I some how thought that Mini would be traumatized by a horny goat, but no.
 We decided to leave her over night and pick her up late tomorrow afternoon. 
 I spied a bit from the street before I left. It looked promising, as he sniffed her now and then and they were playful. Maybe after they get to know each other tonight, he can do it guilt free tomorrow.
 I hope so. I want goat babies.
Leyla's stud seems much more, umm, sure of his job in life.
We'll see..
Anyway, today has been good. Lot's of deep conversations out of no where. Mostly of "Are there other worlds of people, who wonder if there other worlds of people?
 and "how did we get here? I understand about evolving, but how did the first tiny thing that needed to evolve, evolve? Is that why there are religions?"
This went on for a while......
 Sharks that live in freshwater hundreds of miles from an ocean.
 Bust out the trusty shark books!
M has been reading us a lot of Dr. Seuss, because it's Dr. Seuss day.
An obstacle course.
 Planted hydroponically again.
 Butter lettuce!
The chickens have begun laying again.
 And Ghost hunters are on tonight.
Does it really get any better?-K


Stephanie S. said...

I thought you were teasing about the sex pictures thing, but I see I was wrong! :)
It looks like a wonderful day. Were most of your great conversations in the car? We had some good ones in the car today, too.
That's usually where our best ones are. I love that. I often wish I had a pencil and paper handy for jotting them down. :)
Sending good love mojo in your general direction. Make sure you step out of the way when you see it coming so that it gets to the goats!

MamaK said...

Aww, Thanks for the goat love!.....
Yes, good convo's in the car as well. However these were lying in bed staring at the ceiling. Never know when they are coming!-K

Anonymous said...

God that sounds like an awesome day! Cannot wait to hear about your goat's overnight stay! LOL

It's so wonderful to see the flow of your days and witness the way conversations just melt into each other.

We got rid of cable and I really miss Monsterquest!!!