Monday, November 10, 2008

Last Thursday and Friday

On Thursday, we had Earth Scouts.
We worked on looms to sew our badges we earn on.
K was so taken by the selection of books at the nature center that hosts us,
that he could care less about the looms.
 Actually, all of my kids did not like looming, so now I am the loomer.
 I can feel the task to finish looming over me.
 Ha ha!
 M and K had their monthly classes at the Aquarium and at the Seaport on Friday.
Due to a time confusion for me, M missed her aquarium class. 
K studied the incredible hermit crab.
He liked his class. I know because he told me.
We explored the creatures. 
There are so many neat tanks to see.
The octopus was out.
 Funny story I recently heard regarding the incredible octopii.
Gotta pet the sting rays!
So with M missing her class, we decided to head over to the olde village to have some ice cream!
Next up, Seaport class.
While M and K learned of sailors, E and I:
Listened to sea shantys sung by him,
and his instruments,
Visited a metal shop
looked at intricate model ships,
Played at the playground,
 and finally climbed a giant anchor.
And then we got lost on the way home.
The end.-K


Stephanie S. said...

K - You guys pack so much Fabulousness into your days!
It's so incredible to see how it all happens.
I ask again -- How can anyone doubt it?

Anonymous said...

wow! that's great. how in the world can you do so much with 3 kiddos.
it looks amazing.

Anonymous said...