Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's so cold

It was very warm here, for November. 
For a while. 
It's not anymore. We have had flurries, actually our third set of very minor flurries.
 Winter is not much good unless there is snow enough to play in.
 Anyway, we had a nice day at home. Cleaned up, did some work, very imaginative play going on. We decided to head out to the barn where Carly is being kept to visit and bring carrots.
 I figure she should probably associate us with something good.
 We are nice people.
 She was interested in us, but mostly our treats.
M stroked her while she munched away.
She tried to get out.
More love.
We visited with the PMU rescued foals.
If you don't know who and what PMU horses are read here.
 They are all dirty from their long journey here, but they are cute all the same.
Totally off topic here, but Mini is in heat! 
We made arrangements to take her to her stud goat, Napolean Dynamite, tomorrow.
That will make for a very interesting photo session.-K