Saturday, November 22, 2008

Horse riding

Today's lessons were so cold, and we had to cut them short. 
The kids were freezing...
K rode Mr. Magoo.
M rode Carly.
 Man, I can't wait to get this horse home and ride.
Check out K.

He is such a little cowboy.
M is used to having a horse that listens and does what she asks.
 Carly is just a baby, a green horse, so she is just learning. She is sweet and willing, and we are confident that she is going to be a great horse.
I love watching my kids ride. It's an amazing feeling for them to be on top of such a big, gentle, animal.
 It has done wonders for K's verbal and communication skills, as well as his confidence.
M just say that horse riding is her "thing".
 Watching my kids truly enjoy something 
is my thing.-K


Amber said...

Oh Carly looks divine. She looks like such a sweet horse. What lucky little bunnies to have horses to ride and trust. You are a good mummy...xx

Shirley said...
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