Thursday, November 6, 2008


One of the coolest places we visited in Turkey, was the area of Cappadocia.
It is was an amazing place to visit.
You can read about it's history here.
The valleys and rocks which have been carved out into these fairy looking dwellings are the result of volcanic activity. The rock and ash were soft to carve and have hardened over time.
 Let's get to the pictures!
This is in and around the Uchisar Castle.
We were very high up, there were cliffs, and very little safety stuff.  It was a little stressful with the two monkey boys.
I was sweating by the time I got down!
Phew, no death!
It was an amazing view down into the valley.
It was later in the afternoon by the time we got there. We couldn't wait to be able to poke around.
 It really was a magical place especially for the kids.
This is when we decided that it might be good to find lodging for the night.
 We had already decided that we wanted to sleep in a cave house/ hotel.
Luckily, we found an amazing hotel within walking distance from where we were.
This place was such a treat to stay in.
 The room was just outstanding.
The kids had their own mini cave.
 They had so much fun in there.
Thank goodness we had the whole hotel to ourselves, they were so loud!
I walked through all the tunnels while everyone else was sleeping in the middle of the night. It was spooky, as there was hardly any light. But I found the most amazing places.
Like this beautiful hammam, or bath house.
 There were lots of nooks and crannies with such vivid details.
I loved all the color.
There was just so many little things that made this place a treasure.
I want a cave house....
 Funny thing happened while we were there. A storm rolled in and there was thunder, lot's of wind. It was very dramatic. Well, probably more so because we were all alone in this cave hotel. The kids were telling spooky tales in their cave room, and we lost power right in the middle of a very scary part. 
You should have heard the screaming.
It was so funny.
To me.
Anyway, after a nice breakfast, or kahvalti,
the next morning we headed out to another village in Urgup.
You can explore the caves a bit more,
and they have really lovely 12th century painted cave churches.
 K was so funny, he asked if this is where Dr. Seuss was from. 
Doesn't it look like something out of " Oh, the Places you Will go"?
It was quite Seussical.
Here are some of the paintings.
They are so vivid still.
Even after all 
of this time.
It's strange feeling to be standing in something that old, looking at something that people made and appreciated just like you, but over 1,000 years ago.
That much time is a little hard to grasp on a personal level.
At least for me.
That's like the lives of 12 people or more.
You know, how much history happens in a life time or two...
Anyway, on our way to our next destination, we did what any family would have done.
Grabbed some cones,
a camel,
 and bought some stuff!
Next, we drove to see the underground cities of Kaymakli.
Extremely cool place to see.
We arranged for an English speaking guide,
 and explored.
My camera died, so I mostly have it on video.
 I think that was my fav place we visited.
 I was just really in awe with how advanced the system was. Air ventilations, wells, cemeteries, community kitchen, temperature appropriate food storage, winery, booby traps. It was outstanding.
 K said he felt like Indiana Jones.
I did a little too.
It was a really fun trip to an amazing and beautiful place.


Heart Rockin Mama said...

That looks like such an incredible place. It looks fascinating. I can see why you all felt like Indiana Jones. The Suess question is so sweet!

Stephanie S. said...

Oh, K, it's so beautiful!!

I'm so happy that you shared pictures, I really wanted to see the cave hotel when you wrote of it.

What an extraordinary place to be able to visit.


Lisa said...

Wow!!! Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos! So cool!!

christinemm said...


I didn't even know places like that exist (feeling ignorant).

The cave hotel seems other-worldly and wonderful.

Thanks for blogging this.

Kim said...

What a gorgeous country!