Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bone field

When we were in Turkey, there was this field and hills in A's Parent's neighborhood. I had seen people walking their flocks of sheep up through there. It had a nice elevation and I wanted to see the view.
So one day, in the afternoon, we decided to go for a walk, A, the kids, and I. Melda, the kids older cousin, joined in as well. We ended up in that area, and we decided to explore a little.
Boy were we rewarded. I never could have imagined how interesting those hills were.
These hills were home to a lot of neighborhood stray dogs. They were over on another hill, and we were respecting each others space.
M found a little cave that tunneled down into the hill. It was a puppy den!
 Look at those sweet pudgy puppies!
Then it started getting interesting. 
In a forensic kind of way.
We started finding all of these bones.
A leg and hoof
A pelvis
 The kids were pretty darn good at figuring out what parts they were looking at.
M noticed the shoe, and figured out that it was indeed a horse.
A spine
jaw bone,
 the skull.
We now knew what color this horse was.
But wait there's more! 
The more we walked, the more the bones kept popping up.
We found this skull.
Was it a dog or sheep?
We flipped it over to see the teeth. No apparent canine teeth. We chose to call it a sheep.
Plus, the fur on the skull was whitish yellow like a sheep. And it was too blunt to be a canine, I think...
Next we found guts!
Luckily, they were of the electronic kind.
 That could have been very smelly...
Anyway, a very neat walk, a bit of mystery, and some identifying. 
It was great.
Our conclusion was that people brought their dead animals to dispose of here. The local stray dogs had a field day, and scattered the remains. 
It was nature at it's final cycle.
 And we stumbled upon it.
We love when we just happen upon these amazing opportunities.
The world is our classroom.-K


julie said...

that's pretty darn cool!!!

Amber said...


I just wanted to say thank you so much for your kind words. Your lovely comments and warm wishes mean so much to me.
Our little family will be fine, even though we are having a bit of a sad day missing our little babies. We still have three others to give extra love to so there is that to be thankful for.

Thank you and have a magical day..
Love Amber