Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We are out of here, almost

Well, tomorrow around 4 p.m we will be riding high in the sky. On an 11 hour plane trip to A's country of origin, Turkey.
To complicate this already busy week, yesterday, K's tooth was hurting him, so we called around and found a Dentist who would fix him by today... grin..
 After a brief exam to reveal the obvious, we made an appt to come back to get the big cavity taken care of. The bad news is that basically he has cavities in all of his back molars, two will need crowns, the rest fillings.
Oh, well.
He had the beginnings of cavities noted at his last cleaning in August, I guess they do not take all that long to bloom.
Looks like I need to be more aggressive with care. I have forgone fluoride, but I think I need to bring it on.
 Anyway, K should be pain free in Turkey, and he'll have the rest of his mouth worked on when we return.
Anyway, We are almost done packing. My ipod is jammed with a few books on tape, some great podcasts, I also got "Dumbing us Down" by John Taylor Gatto. I have been meaning to read that....
 I am trying, willing myself to get excited. Problem is that ABHORE flying. I am always convinced that we are the "doomed" flight.  If we never return, let's just say, I TOLD YOU SO!
Anyway, Our plans for Turkey go like this:
Wednesday, be on plane by 4:00 p.m., hopefully sleep a bit and land in Istanbul.
Enjoy a 6 hour lay over by getting a hotel and roaming around.
 Back to Istanbul's Ataturk airport, and board an hour long ride to Konya. That's the home of the Whirling Dervishes.

We will be staying with A's parents. I am excited for the kids to touch base with their Grandma and Grandpa, who they call Babanne ( pro- Baba- Nay) and Dede( pro- Deh deh). I am also looking forward to them playing with their cousins, Melda and Muge ( pro- Mu-gay.)
 Then we will travel for a few days to the town of Cappadocia. It's famous for it's cave houses. We will of course stay in one for a few days.
 Very cool!
Then back to A's parents, for a few more days of seeing the town, and relatives in another town called Karamon.
 Then reverse the whole getting there process.
I am looking so forward to A's mom's cooking. She and her older daughter Aynur are outstanding cooks!
I am also looking forward to seeing Aysen and Koray again! Long time... They lived close to us for two years, and then went back to Turkey again. They applied for a green card, so hopefully they will be neighbors over here again soon.
 Ok then, I will miss my barn and house critters, but have found them excellent care.
I will miss my New England autumn, such magic all around.
 And I will miss you all, my bloggy friends.
 I will try to update a few times in Turkey, but I can't promise that I will be able to. 
 Be well, and I'll be back in a few weeks with a little culture to boot, and lots of neat photos to share!
 Oh, and please keep us in your most positive thoughts, send us vibes, white lights, and all that.
You know, to quell all my travel related worries
 Oh and a few cool things to check out. I found a great podcast, that I have been enjoying It has wonderful interviews with the likes of Sandra Dodd, Dayna Martin, Sarah Parent, Dianne Flynn Keith and more! It's called Relaxed Homeschooler.  The podcast can be found on itunes, or at the blog of Relaxed Homeskool. Also, Sarah Parent, of Clan of Parents, has a podcast called Humans being. It is listed on itunes, but there was no content up yet. Lastly, there is a facebook, kinda for homeschoolers! It's called homeschoolslikeus. If you join, be my friend! I am listed as Mamak. 
 Alright, back to cleaning the house so it's all nice when I return. How much would it suck to come home, have jet lag, and a messy house?
 That would SUCK. -K


julie said...

Have a great trip!!Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.
I will send lots of good thoughts tomorrow evening!!

I will have to check out those podcasts.

Stephanie S. said...

What a Grand Adventure!

dorkey5 said...

I just found your blog through fellow unschoolers. I love the connecting created by blogs!

Hoping you have a great trip. The video of the cave houses and the surrounding area is amazing. What an amazing place to see in real life!


dorkey5 said...

Oh, and by the way...Where the Red Fern Grows ROCKS!!

Kim said...

Thanks for the kind words about Relaxed Homeschooler. Glad you are enjoying the interviews. I hope they made the travel part of your trip fly by.

I hadn't heard about the facebook page and will happily go check it out now. Thanks.