Monday, October 27, 2008

Turkish food

 More than Yum. If you want to go on vacation and eat amazing food, go to Turkey.
The meat is so well spiced, and the veggie dishes so savory. The desserts are outstanding.
I will take you through a few things that we were able to enjoy.
The first one is a kind of Turkish borek. A borek is like a light quesadilla. It is so so good. It is eaten for lunch, with breakfast ,and as a snack. 
 Everybody loves a good borek.
First, A's mom makes the dough,
 Next, the filling is prepared.
 One might be of spinach or beet leaves, onions and a bit of meat and cheese.
 Potato, cheese and spicy peppers.
 Add the filling,
 fold the dough,
Pan it over medium heat until it's golden brown and the small amounts of cheese melt. It's a beautiful thing..
 Roll some butter over it,
 chow down.
 They don't last too long once the smell makes it around the house.
Some random images before we get to the next dish. This is an old style Turkish Crock pot. They certainly do have modern crocks, but this is the real deal. You light this up and get a nice fire going. Then you put your dish in a clay pot up on top, and cook it like that.
 Cool, right?
 Lovely innards if you might want to eat them. 
 Gratefully, no one tried to serve us any.
The kids liked to look at them though.
 The desserts are alight with dramatic presentation.
 The kids thought the sparkler made the cake extra fancy.
 This is ice cream.
 I so liked the pretty ice cream. 
These are Turkish eclairs of creamy goodness. These were E's fave!
 Can you tell?
The kids spent a bit of time exploring candy stores. 
It is fun perusing and trying all of the unusual sweets.
 Look at these.
 Believe or not, they are jordan almonds!
 Seeds and nuts are a popular snack to have. So you will find little stands like this on the street corners.
There aren't any sugar canes in Turkey, so they process sugar beets to get sugar. We saw loads of truck leaving fields, and driving to the sugar factories.
There were enormous piles of sugar beets!
 I also wanted to touch on how pleasurable it is to dine out with kids. The restaurants were so accommodating and lax.
 They expected kids to get up and walk around, be louder in their conversations, perhaps cry.
They brought out a big bucket of toys for the kids to play with on the floor while we could relax.
 The kids played with kids who were on vacation from Israel. 
They even gave E a stringed instrument in which to woo us.
 He woo'd.
 They even had a ride on toy available.
 Enough said...
It was by far the best experience of family dining I have ever had. 
 Hands down.
 Oh, I have some more really great foods to share, but alas, it's late. My eyes are tired. I will post another part to this tomorrow perhaps. 
The food really was amazing.
 It's one of the things that I miss the most.-K



Dawn said...

WOW ~ What a wonderful experience for the kids!! I would love to visit the land of my roots someday.

Beverly said...

What a treat to look at! Thanks for taking the time to post all these photos.

Anonymous said...

that borek looks amazing!

many places here in japan are like the restaurant you went to in turkey. it's a fabulous thing!

christinemm said...

Wow what great photos!

I love the different way the restaurants expect children to be. Amazing.

The sweet shop was so bright and lively. Amazing.

The eclairs looked yummy. The green on top surprised me. Was that colored sugar or something with a flavor (mint?).

What an experience for your kids and you!

MamaK said...

Those were pistachios!