Monday, October 27, 2008

Tricking out for the treating, and other stuff

So inspired by the recent flurry of craftiness at Steph's place, we decided we best get busy.
We have spent the week recovering from jet lag by whipping this place into a halloween hangout, reading scary stories, and watching lot's of paranormal shows, and monster quest episodes.
We gathered supplies from the art room, and got to making.
E's bat.
M's ghost
K's Pumpkin.
We distributed them throughout the windows.
 What else?
 oh yeah
Tissue spooks!
Monster bags!
We took a halloween break, and headed over to our dear friend, Ryan's to celebrate #6.
Wishing you a swell year Ryan!
We recycled old works of art into wrapping  paper, ribbon, and a card!
 We stayed for a great spaghetti dinner! Thanks guys!
 On Sunday, it was back to the holiday at hand.
A costume party!
 Given by our friend Myles,
Aka, Indy.
Complete with spidery pails of treats!
Stomp rockets
Silly String!

K is a knight,
He is next to the candy corn witch, in the left front.
 I don't see E there, he was a pirate. M decided she did not want to wear a costume.
 This party was 2 min drive to our old house, which we rent out. It's between tenants, and the kids have not been there in a long time. So we visited.
It was weird to walk through all of those empty rooms.
 Next we headed out to go on a hay ride.
 Down we go!
It's in an underground parking garage
 Scary music, and lots of glowiness
Onto the pumpkins, we didn't luck out on a great selection,
 They were all a little mushy. So we'll hit the nursery up the street today and get to the carving!
 Lastly, we visited relatives to disperse care packages from Turkey.
 Off for home!
 Into bed...-K

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Kim said...

Looks like you're all getting into the Halloween spirit! I love all of the kids decorations...they're great, so creative! You actually inspired us to get creative this morning, too...Jack saw the pics and wanted to make some decorations, too:) So we broke out the art supplies and now it looks like Halloween around here, ha ha!