Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well we had a bit of time on our hands. It was truly a vacation.
 No laundry, no cooking, no house cleaning, no critters or barn chores, no playdates, or random classes. 
Just us 5 and all the hours in the day.
 So what did we do when hanging out with the grandparents and the cousins?
 It was more like what did we not do!
 Well, E liked to chop wood,
There were Moped rides with Dede,
This is how we ALL rode to the park one day. 
I sat on the very back!
There was cleaning,
food preparation, 
Observing coal delivery. 
There was something comforting about the smell of coal burning and walking through the streets in the chilly night air. You just were assured of a cozy place to rest. 
We played Football (soccer)
Hung out every night.
Learned new games.
Shot Dede's pellet gun. 
Not in the house.
Discovered neat things about magnets,
Lot's of books,
Even requested read  alouds of "Dumbing Us Down"!
Played a lot with Uncle Mustafa.
 Dressed up Baba ( Daddy, also Known as A.)
Rode Babanne (grandma) like an esek (donkey, the s would have a squiggle under it, making it an sh sound. It is pron as eshek)
 We went nature hunting.
Turkish garden snails!
Walked the neighborhood and found these gourds that grew as a vine up the grape trellis'.
It is called a water squash. I forget how to say it in Turkish. 
They were cool.
E now wants his own Barbie because she has nice little shoes, long hair, but she has hard boobies.
E marked his territory.
Lot's of time spent chatting over Turkish tea (chai) or Turkish Coffee ( kahve)
It's a very social atmosphere there. Lot's of TRUE socialization. Neighbors stop by all the time for tea and a chat. Lot's of chatting in the neighborhood as you walk through. Multi generational time together.
 People do stop by to borrow sugar or buy tomatoes off of each other.
I don't really know my neighbors, and I would just assume a trip to the store to by a dozen eggs, when I just need one at the moment.
It was really nice like that.
My kids are so used to hanging out with a wide range of people and just being immersed in social settings in general. They did so well with meeting new people young and old. The adults were truly surprised with the lack of shyness and of my kids trying to engage them. There were no problems hanging with whatever kids came over.
Hardly was evident any discernible communication issues. 
They just worked it out.
But what about socialization and home schooled kids. Can we ever truly compete with the social atomosphere of same aged playmates crammed in a room for 6 hours....
 How will my kids EVER make it in the REAL world?
 Sometimes that socialization question just push's my buttons.
I love our life.
 This a homeschool blog after all.
Anyway, Turkish kahve is something to behold.
It is the real deal.
First you boil up the Kahve in a special kahve pot.
Next you siphon off some foamy goodness
fill up your cup
Drink slowly.
Also, if you stop by anyone's garden ( bahce, the c is a ch here so it's Bahchay) or buy something form a store, like gold or a rug, expect to be offered a cup of tea.
A trip to the pazaar( Giant Farmer's market) tomorrow for veggies and fish?
 Video's to boot!

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