Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So we had our monthly science club the other day. We are slowly experimenting with the elements on the periodic table.
This time Helium (HE) was chosen. Atoms were discussed, and they made a model of an atom by painting styrofoam balls and tooth picking them together. 
 Next, we headed outside for some experiment time.
It was a pretty neat experiment.
We took a balloon and filled it with Helium. Next, we took a bubble wand with bubbles and blew it with the helium.
 We noticed how quickly they went high up in the sky.
Next, we blew the bubbles the old fashioned way. They kind of floated mid level and then fell.
So that was a great way to show how less dense the helium atoms were.
We had a take home experiment to monitor as well.
We took two balloons, one filled with helium, the other with oxygen.
We needed to measure the circumference of the balloons daily.
 The helium is a smaller particle and should escape the balloons more rapidly than the oxygen.
However, E popped our experiment. So we will take our friend Ryan's word, and say that yes the helium did indeed escape more rapidly than the oxygen.
Anyway, next month I host science. I have to pick an element.
If anybody knows of any cool experiments or projects, shoot them my way!-K

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Amber said...

I have just found this blog and love it.
Have added you as one of my favs...
I get such satisfaction finding like minded people, doing like minded things.
This is lovely..