Friday, October 31, 2008

It's almost time

When darkness falls tonight, it will be game on.
 My kids are very excited about Halloween this year.
Last year was pretty anti climactic.
 We were new to this town we are in, and we weren't privy to the halloween hot spots.
 We drove around in the sticks, and barely found other kids.
 This year, I got the scoop about a lively cul-de-sac.
 We'll see...
 Anyway, we have been working our way up to this gloriously ghoulish night by decorating the house, attending a few costume parties, making cute crafts, and enoying spooky shows.
Lastly, after a quick game of made up card tricks,
Grandma and Grandpa helped us with the most important of halloweenish events!
Pumpkin picking!
assisting with G-pa,
and creating our amazing pumpkins!
 K chose a frankenstein design.
My battery died, so I will grab pictures of M and E's cat themed pumpkins tonight.
Yesterday, we went to our friend, Auden's halloween themed birthday party yesterday.
 That was a creative little party!
 You know you are a homeschooler when you are invited to a party, and it's on a Thursday at 11:30 a.m!
We enjoyed a spooky tale,
We crafted with gourds.
 Look at these cute devils and bats, and masked mini squashes.
K and M chose bats, and E a devil.
 Thank you for the yumminess in our day.
 Happiest Birthday, Auden!
Hope everybody has a super sweet and spooky night tonight.
Those are oyster shells, how cute is that?-K

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