Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home again

We had an amazing adventure. 
We are grateful to have such an excellent family to visit, and a beautiful country with so much culture to visit them in.
 That said, there is something so comfortable and fuzzy about your very own place in space.
It's just so darn good to get back home.
The weather was amazing in Turkey. It is still warm, close to or in the 70's. It was sunny, and still warmish and a joy to be out in.
My yard is a mass of colored leaves that crunch. The air is chill, and begs for a cup of cocoa.
Anyway, how about a virtual field trip to Turkey?
 What say you?
I am going to break this trip down into chunky chapters focusing on different aspects there in.
I suppose I should begin at the very beginning.
The plane.
Going there is not so bad.
It's kind of exciting.
Checking out the planes.
 Finally boarding.
You know, E thought those beverage carts were something.
 There were movies 
 The kind that made you stand up.
Finally, we land in Istanbul, 10 hours later!
We had a 7 hour lay over until our final flight to our destination town of Konya.
So, we grabbed a hotel room, showered up, chilled out, and headed out for some local food with A's sister Aysen, and her husband Koray.
 We ate some yummy shish, 
Those shish's were so good with this spicy pepper sauce you put on them, man.
Next, we ate some killer desserts,
The one in the front, had this stuff called kaymak on it. It is super condensed cream from milk. It has a distinct creamy slightly sweet taste to it. It was by far the yummiest thing to put on ones dessert. It is also added into pastry dough to make it a light short bready type dough. 
Good stuff!
 I wonder if I can procure some goat kaymak in these parts?
 Anyway, we passed this local fish market like 3 times, because it was smelly and neat.
Went down to the harbor to have tea by the sea and found a boat named for K.
 At the tea spot, we found some local men playing a popular gamed call okey.
 I have no clue how to play, but found  some directions here
Back to the airport.
 Feeling a bit beat up.
 Really beat up.
 I have to sneak in that learning is still just so organic.
 And so so fun!
Finally, after 3 long years, Babanne sees her smallest grand boy.
And she snatches him right up.
We arrive to their house and await some yummy snacks.
Dolmas made from meat and rice wrapped in grape leaves. Barbunya which is Turkish style baked beans, and garden grown fresh grapes.
More virtual field trip tomorrow.-K

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Anonymous said...

one word....YUMMY!
i love turkish food.