Friday, October 24, 2008

Creativity and innovation

 Our country, world even, is in a mess.
I have been thinking a lot about how and why.
I was listening to NPR today, and heard an interview and there was a section in it that just put it out there, bluntly. It's here, listen. Listen to the whole thing if you want to. But the part that burns in my brain starts at 13:09, if you'd rather just get that.
 I know it, many people know it.
 Are we passive?
Is it some one else's job to fix it?
 Is it just too broken to repair?
I dunno...
But I do know something fiercely.
 Not my kids.
On  "The Thinking Mothers" blog earlier today, I read this post.
I borrowed this quote from the Thinking Mothers blog post. It's funny because she got me thinking about all of this a lot today.
I love when things roll like this. 
When your brain is on something, really grinding, the Universe just makes it clear which path is the absolute path that you will travel.
 Decisively so.
Is the system this flawed that they will knowingly continue down the wrong path?
American education “…well it is an emperor’s clothes situation. This is the way I put it in the introduction to the book: the problem in American education is not low test scores, or obdurate teacher’s unions or a lot of the other usual suspects, the real problem with American education is that is that it is living a lie. And the lie is that people believe that children can be just about anything he or she wants to be only if the educational system tries hard enough to teach them. Nobody really believes that. If you get people alone and put a few drinks in them, and make sure that they understand no one will repeat what they said, they will agree that some kids are actually pretty dumb and there is nothing you can really do about it and other kids are much smarter than they are. In the same way that some kids are better at basketball or better at music, and other kids can’t carry a tune, and others stumble over their own feet. Ability varies. It is something that American educational system from Kindergarten to Graduate School runs from as if it were the plague.”
So, I don't have an answer to the systems problems. I just choose not to accept it. I am in no way saying that is the right choice for everyone. But I do know that if I were involved, I would be ruffling some feathers. 
People accepting this need to make a huge deal about the future and needed reform of the system. What will happen to our world? 
Let's get the hell out of Iraq, and put some money in our own future.
Let's free the whole friggin world of ruthless regimes, but let our own children reside under the most oppressive?
No, Thanks.
 I don't blame Teachers, I blame Government.
 Apparently, little do they know, they are not only screwing our kids but ultimately the whole nation. 
I wonder what this place will be like in 100 years or more if the course stays true.
We'll just outsource.
 Some more.-K


Stephanie S. said...

What's even stranger (and more dangerous?) is that people think it's The Best Way.

EC said...

This is a fascinating post. I just finished listening to the clip and while, I was glad to hear the speaker say she felt school bludgeons the curiosity out of kids, I was disheartened to hear that, instead of raising a generation of business people, now folks want to raise a generation of scientists. Not every child is meant to be a scientist. Not every child is meant to be a business person. The idea has shades of how things were in the USSR, when children were made to do certain tasks that the government felt were appropriate or necessary for the country. It disturbs me immensely. My children are not meant to be products of the government. Who can say for sure that just because at age 4 a child shows interests in science, they will hold that interest all their lives? In some instances, it will be a lifelong passion but in some it will be a passing interest. Do we train all children in the US to be scientists? What is our country doing to our children? I'm very worried.

It's true that the blame for our current system lies with government and the people that support it. I feel helpless in this current election as there is no one who represents my ideas running. I'm actually a little bit worried about which direction we'll go with certain people discussing things like mandatory preschool attendance. What can we do?? I feel a bit like a deer in headlights and don't know which way to turn.

All I know is I'm glad my children are home with me and are free to explore whatever there passions are. They are free to ask me questions, and they do constantly. There is no pressure to perform or conform to someone else's standards. We tell them all the time, if they want to go to college, then great. If not, that's great, too. IMO, college has become an extension of public school, and is no longer the institution it was originally established to be.

Ok, I have rambled on enough. Thank you for this post and for sharing these links. You certainly got me thinking early on Saturday morning!!