Thursday, October 2, 2008

celebrating an unbirthday

What to do on a rainy day?
Well, the kids decided that too many months have passed with out the happy birthday song. That even if it wasn't really Daddy's birthday, we could still celebrate as if it were.
Well, we got wind that he was coming home for lunch.  The kids decided that they should clean up the living room for him.
 Not Bad!
Next was to whip this house into Un birthday mode. First of course was the banner.
 M got to work making happy birthday cards and certificates. 
 The boys 

helped with balloons.
Of course, a balloon battle broke out!
 E found these left over napkins. 
Daddy a boy, he like these!
Doh! We heard his car pull up, and we got into position.
Quiet now..
 Ok, Now!
He was a good daddy and picked right up on it with the Thank you's and I am so surprised!
The kids swarmed him with kisses, and these 
 gift certificates!
 He just happened to bring home a few doughnuts
for the celebrating!
 The kids made him an unbirthday belt, and showed him the rarely clean looking living room.
 He was so impressed!
He want back to work, and the boys went off somewhere else as well,
M wanted to take advantage of the umm, quiet time and bake a proper unbirthday cake to finish the day.
We used a pumpkin from the garden,
and baked it.
Next, we mashed it all up
And made a very delicious pumpkin cake!
M was still very much in cooking mode, and we decided a falafel dinner would be perfect!
 Just when you think the day is going to be a boring one...-K


Dawn said...

Looks like a great day!!

Anonymous said...

nice. so nice. we had an unbirthday the other day as well. i love unbirthdays.

and of course you made homemade falafel. you rock. it's been ages since i've eaten good fallfel.

Stephanie S. said...

so sweet.