Sunday, October 5, 2008

All the fun stuff

We have been enjoying ourselves this week! We are taking monthly classes at the Mystic Aquarium and at the Seaport. It's a haul to get there, but we stay all day and really making a fun time of it! We hit the road at 9 a.m and came home at 6 p.m!
There were belugas
amazon scene
electric eel
touch tank
penguin's. Not Mr. Popper's.
baseball playing sealions
and classes.
Next, we drove over to the Seaport.
M and K broke away for a two hour class, and E and I  toured the village.
It was nice to have that time to spend with just him.
We rowed a bit.
said hi
explored "Pirate" ships
 Checked out the ship's galley,
 and where a tired pirate would sleep
Caught a Great White!
 Went to an old pharmacy
Saw a lady make a medicine paste 
and roll out pills.
 E told her it looked like a penis...
She laughed...
This was a 600 year old live oak stump from a plantation in South Carolina.
 It still welled a bit of life in it's pockets though.
It was a great day!
 Yesterday, was riding lesson day.
 Kids are doing great. 
K was getting frustrated with his lessons lately.
 However, yesterday, he did really well, and loves lessons again.
Look at him go! Marlin is in the same clip. She was having a hard time at getting her stubborn horse to trot. She got a little bit out of him in the end!( Ok, blogger won't let me upload the video at this time. I will try this afternoon, check back!)
Later that day, the boys and A hung back at the house, and M and I went off to her good friend Georgia's house.
 It was a birthday party!
Happy Birthday, G.G!
Hope all of your wishes come true!
 M stayed over for a sleepover party,
 and then will sleep over again on Sunday with just Georgia. We'll get her on Monday.
Georgia's father breeds rabbits, and we got to see some of the bunnies that we are adopting after we return home from Turkey.
We are taking one of these,
and a red one, too.
See the little babies?
I should probably get to packing, we leave on Wednesday! I'll post some more details on our trip in the next post, it's going to be very cool for the kids to be immersed in an entirely different culture for a few weeks!-K

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EC said...

Wow, the aquarium looks like TONS of fun! And the pirate ship?! Wow again! I wish we had stuff like that nearby!