Thursday, September 11, 2008


turned out to be the geatest day!
Even the getting lost part.
Well, we decided to go check out the Native America Museum. The Mashantuket Pequot Museum in Ledyard, CT. 
About and hour or so drive from here.
Well, if you don't pass it three times. 
Long story.
Anyway, that place is amazing. I really did not expect the exhibits to be so fascinating and spectacular. 
My Parents joined us, and they enjoyed it as well.
The lobby,

The cool logo that glowed from the sun.

 We went up to the observation tower.

Here is the Reservations Foxwood Casino.

The Museum told me not to take pictures in the other parts of the Museum.
 I did pretty well.
I did take a few, but not of artifacts.
Mostly the kids.
I was scared to get kicked out! 
Google images will help me!
This was a great exhibit. K and E loved the hunt scene.

There were sound effects too, it was just REALLY cool.
 There were so many details and visual information to absorb. I mean if you needed to(sit in a classroom) read all of this info in a book, and try to imagine all of the subtle tasks, the cooperation, the meaning of it all to the livelihood of the tribe...
Anyway, they had many many interesting artifacts in their collections, but the displays were killer.
 The next mindblowing thing was a village you could walk through. It looked like this:

and this,

This hardly captures the size of the exhibit. It was huge, and so much was going on. The sounds of their spoken language, and of the environment, it was all encompassing, and brought it to life. I wanted to camp there.
For a long time.
Here are the pictures that I took.
Going through the glacier tunnel.

Inside a fur drying hut.

Inside the main hut.

 Checking out the beds.

The more modern Native living on a farm.

We then headed outside to see how they farmed.

 End of season, not much was happening...
We got a few souveniers, of course!
 K got and arrowhead (his spear-it), M picked out a tracking guide, and E got some sort of blue crystal. 
M has been studying that guide hard. She and K have been sounding out all of the animals names together.

They could not even get into the car with out studying it a bit.
I scored the greatest book there. I cannot wait to read it to the kids. It is such a moving story.
Anyway, we decided to check out a campground I used to go to as a kid. I had not been there in oh, 29 years!
 It was so much fun to show the kids around and, to see it again. 
It changed a lot. 
It's very crowded now.
We then headed to an old diner we used to visit while camping. It looked the exact same as it did when I went when I was about 5!
Next, we drove to Hammonasset State park.
We checked out their campsites, and decided they would be perfect for us. We are def going to try and camp there next summer.
I THINK E will be easier then.....
We headed to the beach for a quick run.

 We did some of this, 

a little of that, 

 some more of this,

E ran through the water like usual,

and had to drip dry all the way to the car with Grandpa!
We checked out Meig's point

 for the sunset.

 We found a migrating, resting Monarch.

We needed to rest,too.
We migrated back home.-K

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