Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wet felt, a solar system, a cleaner spot, and a damn nice ball

Well, M had a felting hankering. She loves all sorts of crafts, but thanks to Julie, she has a soft spot for felt.
She hasn't asked to felt for a LONG time.
So we pulled out the felt and a bowl of soapy warm water.
 She attracted a crowd who became interested participants.
E preferred to clean the deck with his felt.
Nakedly so.
 K wanted to make planets.
 M just wanted to felt a decorative ball.
 After wet felting,
she needle felted her colors in a pattern.
K was very committed to making as many planets as he could in one sitting.
 M worked VERY hard on her one ball.
 And E had little spots of that deck looking brand new.
Very fine work all around.-K

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julie said...

Those look great! Wool is such fun.