Tuesday, September 23, 2008


was interesting...
We had a great morning.
I had a bit of help 
baking cookies.
 I got a lot of help eating them!
K got interviewed by M.
K worked on letters
M read 50, yes 50, pages of a book out loud to me!
We played countless games of UNO.
 There were mud pies.
 Found a wooly bear. Some say you can predict the winter severity by how much black there is.
 Then we found this beauty!!
We are so excited. If it is this caterpillar and resulting moth, would that not be wicked cool? 
We are going to over winter it in the garage.
The local school lunch was a kids way deli bar or Domino's pizza. This was ours.
Sometimes I like to compare.
 Because I can.
The kids found a very dead raccoon in the yard. 
Probably the work of Nigel, now a two time raccoon killer.
 So we dragged it off to have it tested to see if it was rabid.
The Animal Control officer was a rude guy.
 We decided, collectively, that he sucked. A lot.
 We did our night time barn chores.
 Good night turkeys
Goodnight barn kitties
Goodnight goats,
 Goodnight nobody
Goodnight chickens and ducks..
 Spotted a ladybug in the golden rod.
Had a dance party
We now watch TV,
with a Coon killer.-K

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