Monday, September 29, 2008

Rite of passage

For M.
 She has always wanted her ears pierced, but in the future, when she was like 8 or 9.
 This past week. She said she was ready, and asked me if I could take her.
I asked her how come she decided now? When she was so convinced a future age would be better.
She said that her brain has been telling her lately that she is ready now.
 Ok, I can't argue with a brain.
So on Saturday we headed to the piercing pagoda and got it done!
 There was no hesitation. She was so sure, and ready.
 She brought her little stuffed dog for comfort, and asked that K be there as well.
 Then they explained the procedure.
Look at K's face as they showed her the piercing GUN!
Such a boy...
 Next, they marked her little lobes.
I requested that both ears be done at once. One at a time seemed like torture.
 So they lined up, and did the deed.
No tears, but a little smile.
Look at those ears! Or in this case, That ear!
I asked her if it hurt much. I can't remember what mine felt like. She said, yes. That it was a really bad pinch. She wanted to cry, but when she saw in the mirror how pretty her ears were, the tears did not come out.
 I love how kids articulate. 
So simple, and truthful.
She picked little C Z square studs.
 She asked how much everything costs, and I told her.
 She said " So I guess they are not real diamonds!"
Right across the way, there was a Claire's store. The kids wanted to poke around. 
K found these halloween horn things.
 He called it his buck. You know, maybe because they were antler like?
 He kept saying he was going to buck himself, and he handed me a pair and asked me to go buck M. He asked if I wanted to buck myself as well.
 Anyway, I was howling with laughter as was another lady a few feet over.
The more I laughed, the more K would say something or other about a buck, because he thought he was such a comedian.
We had a lot of fun.
 Anyway, if you see M, make sure you notice her ears, she is quite proud of them.-K


Sage said...

Way to go Marlin - they look great!


Dawn said...

That is great!!! Elizabeth was SO close a year or so ago, but she still hasn't done it. Maybe while we are in Vietnam and her grandmother has legal custody of her (they wouldn't let her have them done before).

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

I remember walking around the mall after R had his ear done and his asking "do you ever stop *feeling* them being there?"

I wish I had brought my camera...

Carol said...

Great idea to do both ears at once and to bring your camera! My DD wants hers done as well, but DH wants to make her wait until she's 13. Doubt if we'll wait that long though.