Sunday, September 7, 2008

Not Back to School

The picnic was last week.
Much fun was had.
I had two pictures which showed ALL of the kids frolicking through the trees and poison ivy, chucking pine cones at each other. The other showed all of the moms and one dad eating all the good stuff before the kids noticed. In my Nyquil induced haze, I erased them.
Anyway, K started tearing into this dead tree,
looking for bugs.
 Instead they found a toad.
I'm not sure how he got in there?
E would not share.
So they resorted to harsher methods to find more.
Small, unsupervised children poked at fire.
Despite my lack of pictures, it was a great day, picnicking in the forest, and not being in school.
And there were s'mores!


Kim said...

Small unsupervised children poking at fire...*GASP* ;) It WAS a great day...lots of fun! I have pics to post from it, too...but I've been slacking, and I'm not too far away from being in my own Nyquil induced haze...freakin summer colds! I will hopefully get to it later today or tomorrow:) Hope you're feeling better soon!

MamaK said...

ugghhh! It is four days of hell! Hopefully, yours has morphed into something more bearable!-K

Anthony said...

Great pictures!!!