Saturday, September 6, 2008

No more shampoo

That's right.
 I am not buying anymore shampoo.
 "A bunch of greasy headed looneytoons, that family on the frog creek. I'll tell you what."
Well ,somebody must have said that, or at least thinks that.
pretty sure..
 Anyhow, I have spent the better part of an hour trying to source the blog which gave me the idea and inspiration to try. I can't find it.
So I will give you the low down.
I hate buying products in plastics filled with chemicals, perfume, and water. 
I hate the marketing. 
So when I learned that you could achieve a clean head with baking soda and apple cider vinegar, I was on it.
Basically, you take a medium sized container, upright kind, so it stores better in the shower, fill it 3/4 full of baking soda. Add water till you get a paste. I like my paste to be a watery pancake mixture, but to each his own.
So after you get your head wet, scoop some out and rub it into your scalp and massage. Put enough on to work your whole head. Top, sides, and back. Massage for a minute or two,
 WHATEVER you do, DO NOT open your EYES.
It will hurt A LOT.
Next, lean back so a bit of water gets on your head and mush it around some more. This for me at least, gets the mixture off your scalp a bit and onto the longer bits.
 Ok, so rinse it all out now.
 Keep your damn eyes shut.
Next for the conditioner. 
Apple cider vinegar (ACV).
 NO you will NOT smell like a salad.
 I use a small measuring cup and put like an 1/8 of  ACV in and fill the rest with water.
 I think.
 Truth is that I eyeball it. It's pretty dilute is what I am saying. You can google for a more trustworthy measurement. 
Anyway, pour the small amount of ACV in your appropriate mixing and delivering vessel, and fill the rest with water. Step away from the shower head, and pour it over your head and rub it around to ensure equal distribution.
Marinate for a moment.
Again, keeper your peepers shut.
Rinse it all out.
You do not smell like a salad.
My hair is lovely and soft, and no longer itches now and then. I also noticed that if I do scratch my head, it does not flake.
E has curly locks that used to frizz out. He is looking bouncy.
M said that she no longer uses the no tangles spray because um, she had no tangles.
K and A have not made an official remark.
 I will say that they use it, and their hair looks great.
If you wanted some excitement, you could put the baking soda paste on, and then add the vinegar.
But definitely do not open your eyes.-K


Anonymous said...

i started doing this a few weeks ago as well. I LOVE IT! i have very curly, long hair that frizzes easily in humidity. even with hairgel. not anymore. it's amazing. i found my info here
i think angry chicken also has a post about.
anyway, it's revolutionary. i added a drop or two of rosemary essential oil because it promotes healthy hair and skin. even better. i also use that same paste for my skin. again, I LOVE IT.
it's true what they say, simple is best.

Anonymous said...

sorry that;s

christinemm said...

I am going to try this.

I make my own lye based bar soap. I had ventured into shampoo and tried versions using liquid castille soap as the base. It was too drying for me and I could not get used to it being basicallya really, really watered down (pre-mixed with water) cold liquid.

So we are back to store bought shampoos.

I also spent a lot of money on different shampoos without SLS or organic and some made my hair frizz or dry all out.

I am trying this today. THANKS!