Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor day weekend

Well if you have been reading this blog a little bit, you would notice that agricultural fairs, and ice cream are a running theme.
 This past weekend was no different.
 We went with our friends to the world famous Goshen fair!
It's an annual adventure. 
 We know that we will eat roasted pork sandwiches.
 We know that we will get strawberry milk at the dairy.
 We know that we will get ice cream at Peaches and Cream on the way home.
 And we know we will go fishing.
So we started out perusing the animal barns. There were goats. My goats were prettier, so, no pictures.
Aww, nursing pigs!
 I remember those days!
 Well, I know you knew what Sheep Balls look like..
Rows of show bunnies.
The kids got to try their hand at cow milking.
A Toulouse goose.
 They're so mean.
There were chickens. but I wasn't impressed this year. Maybe since I have 30 of my own they lost their affect?
Saw some wood choppin.
Ate some fair delicacies.
The boys
like tractors,
and cows.
Time to
rock climb!
They almost made it to the top.
 Always hit the classics.
I buddied up with K.
 He rode the BIG slide alone.
 For the very first time.
Awesome! sniff...
Next we hit the big swings.
 Here we go..
So fun!
Those are my legs.
oh yeah..
We left the fair and headed out to our friends family farm. Well, It's their property, and they rent it to Cow farmers.
This was their Grandmothers old farm house.
Which is SO lovely but has fallen under disrepair.
It has a soul.
It has such character.
It's demure.
 And stately.
I hope it can be spared.
Popping Jewel weed pods brought squeals.
 For those unfamiliar. The pods explode if you touch them.
Onto the dairy barn.
More cows.
E pissed of a peacock.
The milking apparatus.
Cows on the inside.
Poking at that peacock again.
Onto the fishing!
M got a fish.
As did Georgia!
And Nolan.
And another that he hand pulled.
That's his preferred technique.
The girls were happy after a fish a piece, and gathered hay for the goats at home.
E was all over the place. Mostly spilling things, poking at hooks, and freeing worms.
K kept on fishing.
Finally, after the bait was gone. K finally parted with the pole, after we bribed him with ice cream.
 We headed home, and had a late night that included pizza and more ice cream.
We love extra long family play dates. 
If your gonna play, PLAY!- K


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