Friday, September 12, 2008

hanging out and dead chicken project

Yesterday, we headed over to the beaver pond for a walk and a play with Julie and Ryan.
 The kids had a great time
 caching up 
and playing. 
 We walked around the lake to see if we could catch a glimpse of the resident beavers. 
No such luck. But we got to see the beaver's house.
We headed home after a few hours and headed up to the barn to take the goats for a hike. We found a dead meat chicken.
 I knew exactly what to do about that. 
 It was time to see what kind of predators and scavengers live in the woods of frog creek.
It was indeed time for the reappearance of the Deer Cam!
We hiked out a ways into the woods.
Kids, goats, deer cam, and dead chicken.
We found a spot we all agreed on.
 We laid down our free Chicken dinner,
strapped our cam to a tree,
 and discovered the batteries were dying.
So we headed back to put the goats in their pen, and put fresh batteries in the Cam.
M and K decided to stay back at the house and watch TV. E and I hiked back over to the photo trap.
He was very chatty, and is convinced that a mountain lion will eat the dead chicken.
 I would be thrilled about a bobcat.
E will call it a baby mountain lion.
Anyway, we reloaded with fresh batteries.
I was amazed that when we got back to the dead chicken, only being gone 20 min tops, the flies had already discovered it.
 In 20 min!
 and it was not even smelly!
 Just dead!
 So anyway, this was our finished set up.
I hope we catch a glimpse of something cool. Some possibilities in this neck of the woods are bobcat, fox, coyote, fisher cat, weasel,  bear, and the boring locals such as possum and raccoon.
On our hike out, we spotted these unusual beauties.
I'll have to have a google about to see what they are. So waxy and pink and delicate.
Really a nice thing to stumble upon.
 As might be a dead chicken?-K


Anonymous said...

cool dead chicken cam. i can't wait to see what comes around.

Pax said...

The plant is called Indian Pipes (

As for the chicken culprit - check the Colonel.