Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dead chicken project finale

Well we went to check out our dead and odiferous friend.
All gone, except the feet.
We were thinking that it must have been something other than a plain old Opossum to eat everything but the feet.
We did a lot of guessing on our quick stepped hike home.
But we were all quite wrong.
We hooked up to the TV and there it was! 
M and K were excited and convinced.
At first I had a double take because we had a bent over back shot. And well it DID resemble an eagle's feathered back.
But the next shots straightened us all out. You could not mistake this profile and bald head.
 It was a Turkey Vulture!
 A hungry one at that.
It picked that area clean, except the scaly feet.
Well, that answered our question about what would be attracted to a rotting bug infested carcass.
One creature's trash is another's treasure!-K

1 comment:

Bright Eyes said...

canibal! Are they canibals even if it was a chicken, when they are both birds?

What a fun (gross) experiment.