Friday, September 26, 2008

Daisy scouts

M joined a homeschool daisy scout troop this week. 
E so wanted to be a daisy too.
 We let him join, except we call him a dandelion.
K was thrilled that they had one of those excavation kits, and he dug himself a Dino. 
Look how well he pieced it together!
As M learned the girls scout law,
E rode a bike,
As M learned the friendship squeeze,
 K amused a toddler
We had a great day with a fabulous bunch of kids and Moms.
We weren't ready to head home yet. So we headed off to a near by beach.
We hiked down this lovely path.
The kids slowly decided what they each wanted to do.
K always head to the high tide line for treasures.
M and E are all about the water.
What's the fun in life with out throwing stones now and then?
Time for the wetness...
K handed off his loot of crab claws and bottle caps and headed in as well.
 They borrowed someone's dog for some ball playing.
 I'm not sure who was happier?
 We stayed and sparkled there a while.
Feeling chilly and quite finished
up the trail we hiked.
You know you have had a great day when you have to ride home in your undies.-K


Dawn said...

WOW ~ What a great day!!

Beverly said...

In your undies -- LOL.