Thursday, September 18, 2008


Our local homeschool group
hooked up with another CT state homeschool group
to head out to the Lyman Orchard Corn maze.
It was such a great place.
The corn maze was intricately designed as a lady bug and random fruit.
It was HUGE.
 M was scared that we would never get out.
Uh, which way do we go???
Actually, I had that same exact fear halfway through.
E just wanted to be carried the whole way. 
That was back breakingly lovely!
 K has finally found his energy this year and was doing great!
The maze was kind of like water torture though.
 Every twist and turn brought corn,
and more corn!
Eventually, we found our way through. We chose to do a halloween quiz, and based on the answer you picked, was the way you turned.
We apparently did ok, as we got out.
Back out in the open at last to goof around!
roll down hills
feed geese
climb tree's
and EAT apple cider donuts, and a black and white.

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