Monday, September 15, 2008

Clothes dying and dead chicken project update

Well on Sunday, we were all tired and in house cleaning mode and in miscellaneous moods. I bought some dyes a few weeks ago, and decided today would be a good kind of a day to take on this project.
We each had some various articles of clothing that were badly stained. 
 Bleach stains, mud, rust, and spaghetti sauce. These clothes were destined for the buh- bye bag.
 So as a last ditch effort, I thought I would try to dye them, and prolong their existence on our bodies. 
There were also a few silks that needed fresh colors. 
Well, one problem we encountered, was that the store we went to did not have a large selection of dye. I was not going to drive all over for this project which may not work out, so we settled.
 Purple, orange, and blue.
I first had to remove the clothes original color, with a color remover. 
 Then separate the clothes based on what color they would become.
 Next, we prepared the dye bath, in accordance to directions on the stove top, in a large canning pot.
Heat to a simmer, put in clothes, stir around for 20 ish minutes.
 Next we carried the pot of simmering clothes to the tub for a dump, and rinsed till the water was clearish.
We repeated this two more times, with different colors.
 Lastly, we washed the clothes in the washer to get the rest of the dyes that would release, out of the clothes, and hung them out.
 This shirt, we experimented with, creatively.
E's shirt was so badly stained, it almost became a rag.
 Now it is not a glorious thing of beauty, but he can wear it with out looking homeless!
Anyway, We hiked out to the dead chicken, and lo and behold, something dragged it off!
Where for art thou, mortal chickie?
 We followed the feather trail, not far maybe 15 feet into the brush. Whatever it was ate a bit of the breast, and walked off with the head.
We visually examined the chicken. 
It had lots of maggots, beetles, and flies. 
 The smell level was not too bad. Out of a 10 it was a 3, maybe. 
 Bugs are doing a stellar job. 
Checked the camera and it showed that it had taken pictures.
We took the camera back to the house, hooked it up to the T.V and  got to looking at the evidence.
A curious squirrel or two, a bird, then nothing, then, at night, you see an eye shine, then it comes closer to the chicken,
I wanted a REAL predator.
The canine or feline, or weasly type.
Goll dang it!
Anyway, we reset the camera at the new place dead chicken was dragged to. We'll check again on Wednesday. 
 We wonder if the smellier it gets, if that would attract more creatures, or will it keep them away? 
 Time will tell.
 Tomorrow,  OSV! 

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Anthony said...

I love the dyed shirts - good idea.