Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another great OSV trip

We really dig that place. We are grateful that they have shown great enthusiasm for supporting the homeschool community.
This last time had a really big turn out. It is really invigorating to be surrounded by so many people enjoying the sameish lifestyle as you.
At least you see that you are not the only kook!
 We relaxed this time and just enjoyed ourselves. 
The kids only signed up for one class this time. Actually, they all sold out quickly and that is all we could nab!
We checked out a playroom that we never visited before. 
Gotta love a fake cow!
 There were actually a few parts that were new to us. OSV is just a very cool place to spend some time.
We wandered about, played an old game,
or two.
 Saw some wool dyeing.
Cobbler's shop
shopped the general store!
The sheep there are so friendly. They were so goat like in personality. 
However, they resembled an old time horn honking when they bleated.
The blacksmith is always popular with my kids.
Must be the all the fire and banging..
Cleaning out barns goes over big,
as does pretending to split firewood.
Next, we headed over for print shop.
They used an old style print press,
and inked an illustation.
Then they created marbled paper.
 First you add oil and pick your colors.
Next you feather out the colors.
Then you lay your paper on top and let it sit a second, and then lift it off.
 Looks really cool, huh?
E passed his time exploring the wool carding,
 and the loom.
On our way out, the boys played at the playground with Ryan and Julie.
 M wanted to spend some time with a friend at the book shop.
 K spotted a huge black snake
 and a really neat caterpillar
which we need to identify.
M snagged the camera on the long ride home.
Apparently, she and Ryan, 
had a very
 fun time!
 Looks like there will be another homeschool day on Nov 4th!-K

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