Saturday, August 23, 2008

What does your car

say about you? I was thinking about writing a post about bumper stickers, once a bit back. ( not thinking about it ANYMORE, HA!). I love reading them while driving, while walking through parking lots, and the like. I firmly believe it gives you an insight into the soul of the person who owns that vehicle.  When I got my new car in the spring, I adorned it with new stickers. I meant to write this post then, but I did not. ( which is why I said I was thinking about it. It's how I think...)
Steph's post, this one, got me thinking about finally writing this post. So you have now seen her stickers, here are mine.
See this post and the related video, at the VERY bottom, because it's a good reminder.
This one's a bit obnoxious.
This one of course was inspired by Sherri
who taught me so, so much. But, she does not blog. BUT this other one who also inspires does and it's quite a lovely one.
What's on your rear? Post a link in the comments. I am so so interested.
Oh, and Coleen, your car is great for this ;>) Since your blog is private, send me a pic and I will post it!
 I have to clean the bathroom today, OR tomorrow, and finally take pics of Whimsi's amazing photo! Finally.-K

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Stephanie S. said...

I got mine up!
All of 'em! :)

It was actually pretty nice - 'cause in order to put on new stickers, I had to spotlessly clean the truck - inside and out!