Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The two animal scouts

M and her really, really good friend Georgia, who are so alike that they SHOULD rightfully be sisters, invented their own club.
They dubbed it the animal scouts. They have a mission. It is to be kind and help wildlife and Mother Earth, and to cheer up and assist animals without homes in shelters.
They like to spontaneously whip up gifts like this to adorn their yards for the wild locals.
 A pretty noble, self appointed endeavor, huh?
The other day, they had the grand idea of baking dog biscuits to see if they would be a good addition to their agenda.
We created shapes that dogs would like to sink their teeth into, cats and deer.
If they passed the taste test,
They would go to sick and boarding dogs at the hospital.
Seems like they are tasters choice.
They were super easy to make, see here.
They have a special stash of idea spurring material. Like this sort of guide that they reference a lot.
They have created a manual.
Click on it it to read the rules. Do you see the Zaboomafoo reference, HA!
Here is another funny blurb. My favorite bit is the "Don't be wearing any fancy clothes..."
They spend copious amounts of time, and printer paper on google images creating collages for their club book. This alone has done wonders for M's reading and spelling.
They have been planning for MONTHS via teleconferencing, to hold a bake sale at their dad's (A and Georgia's Dad are partners) Veterinary hospital waiting room to benefit the local pound.
These are the items that will be available for purchase.
The finished banner.
And another.
And sign.
It always amazes me, the ingenuity, creativity, and abilities that kids posses.  This is their show, I am just here for the ride. Whenever this bake sale charity spectacular goes down,  I'll document it. But for now, I am just enjoying watching it evolve.-K


Dawn said...

How wonderful!! How do you get your pictures to be clickable? Mine sometimes are, but not always and I would love for them to be before we travel this Fall.

Stephanie S. said...

That's so cool!!
I love it when I get to read about children making the world a kinder and gentler place.