Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday ( photo dump)

Well this weekend, a lot of cleaning happened. A and I teamed up and whipped this mess into shape.
We cleaned up the "Hawaii bathroom" to showcase the arrival of our new Whimsi photo, that I was lucky enough to win.
Here, I will give you a very small tour of the kids bathroom.
This is how it looks from the hallway. 
We bought some photos from our last trip to Hawaii,
in K-Mart of all places!
Yes, this one has  broken glass. 
I'll take care of it on my next trip to Michael's.
 K's old baby room fish.
Well, there is lot's of fish in Hawaii.
 The grass skirt shower curtain.
Bath mat.
soap dish.
Pretty Hawaiian, right?
 Look how perfectly seamless the picture fits in. 
I LOVE it! Thank you so much , Evie. 
So We took a break from the frenzied cleaning, and we walked to the diner for lunch.
After we ate, we decided to go to the field and try to fly some kites. 
There was a bit of a breeze, seemed perfect.
Well, our kites were dysfunctional,
and we could not get them to take flight.
 E ran over M's kite,
and she ran away in tears.
This was all turning into a big pile of..
But kids are funny, and tying a streamer from your broken kite to your finger brings much joy.
And kite fighting brings manic glee.
Well, for a little while.
It was decided that a trip to the ice cream joint would bring us peace and serenity.
Sort of.
We played,
 and rode things.
 And we journeyed home 
past the flowers,
 and gourds.
Down our very own driveway with specks of orchids,
and gazing pools.
We strided next to our magical woodlands,
directly to our most favorite resting spot.
Then the weirdness in us came out again,
 as usual.
And there was a giant mud puddle,
M and I started back in on our cleaning.
She loves projects, and organizing and being included.
She emptied the closet from hell. All by herself.
Ah, much better!
And so that was our Sunday.
 Clean, sweaty, sweet, dirty, and clean again.-K


Dawn said...

Looks like it was productive AND fun still. Love the shots of your yard. What a great place to grow up!!

I saw this free background and thought of you...
Let me know if you are interested.

EC said...

Ok, so when you left me your note, I thought you were referring to an older post! Your bathroom looks fabulous! that shower curtain is to die for and I really love the Hawaii prints, too. K, I'm SO glad you like that photo. It really warms my heart to read that you're enjoying it!

Now, the rest of your post is full of so many good things. I love coming here and seeing all the wonderful adventures you go on and I'm so dang jealous of that garden it's not even funny.

MamaK said...

Yeah! I am glad you think your photo looks great in our john!, it warms MY heart!!
Well, now don't go thinking that we are on some endless journey. Well we all are, but some of our days are just down right boring. But I don't blog those days. Usually. Thanks, Evie...
Dawn, cute background but I am keepin it status quo. Thanks though!-k

ladybug-zen said...

nice post. looks like your day included a little bit of everything.