Monday, August 18, 2008

Real fishing

A and I went BIG time fishing on Saturday. It was social work event. So A,
 and his partner, Mike. He is M's good friend, Georgia's, dad.
 As well as myself, a drug rep, and a former worker went out to sea and had us a good time.
 Anyway, it was an outstanding trip. Over 30 fish were landed on that 4 hour charter. 
 Oh Yeah.
 We caught stripers, and blues.
They both are just great fighting fish.
One big ass 37 in, 23 lb'ish Striper, was caught by Dennis.
 Look at how big that guys grin is, MAN, now that is some kind of happy.
A landed one, 
fought it, 
and got an almost keeper as well.
Mine were ALL throwbacks, meaning they were less than 28 inches, BUT they were a blast and put up a good fight. I caught about three of these.
I had some big ones on the bunker spoon, but I lost them.
 Damn it all to hell!
 I kept catching these,
 while Mike got this,
 and A got this,
I got good karma, why not me?
 My new friend, the drug rep, and the only other chick on the cruise, landed three schoolies on one rig. Could not believe it!
We were a good match and we had a blast together.
Such a bonus that she was there. I'm so glad she was not all girlie like... For example, she finished up her puke
and took the next fish.
 That's right.
 Anyway, it was a great time. I really love to fish.  I was all hoarse at the end of the trip from all my hootin' and hollering.
It was just awesome to be out on the water again.
Especially when the sun is setting on one side,
 and the moon is rising up on the other.
 We went home with a fair amount of booty.
Good times,
 good times...-K

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Dawn said...

Looks like a great time and what a view!!