Sunday, August 10, 2008

M's sleepover extravaganza

Oh, and it's still continuing! We have two girls still here, one leaving momentarily, and the other will stay till tomorrow after dinner. Her dad is biz partner with A, so she is practically family. We've been having a really great time. It commenced with lots of artistic pursuits.
 Their creativity well became sort of tapped and they headed out to refill and rejoice in the soul cleansing waters of Frog Creek.
Somehow, the mad hammock game always makes it's appearance..
What's all this?
A toadlet!
Some chose climbing,
While others contemplated how best to connect with slug wisdom.
I think this was the hint to lay off the photos.
I didn't seem to get that hint though.
What is a sleep over without pizza?
Then it was time for more art! They worked on sun catchers.
The boys graciously whipped up a bonfire,
 for S'MORES!
Then of course,
 it was time for SPARKLERS!
You all know that one needs a dose of make your own sundaes at 11:17 p.m
 We set up the tent indoors under the magical Christmas lights.
View of the wild little occupants.
K was officially the last kid standing at 1:28 a.m!!
He actually looks quite chipper..
This is me, with him, I am not looking quite chipper.
We decided to get goofy before shutting down.
We were quite a pair.
 The next morning brought pig love,
Pillow fights,
Chocolate chip
Morning bees,
The milking of goats,
the mixing of feeds,
the collection of eggs,
and tractor rides.
Lengthy afternoon bathing session. 
No need to shower when you can simply swim it all off.
Nothing beats long chats over whipped cream laden cocoa.
It has been some kind of fun.
 Now onto night two, bring on the Spiderwick chronicles! 
Here comes another tomorrow!-K


Dawn said...

Looks like a blast!! Elizabeth has already asked for a sleepover for her birthday. I said OK. I figure how hard could 4 - 11 year old be?! LOL...right!!

Three Mommies said...

Between this and rainbow crayons you are unschooling mom extraordinaire!