Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Look at the veggies

Ok, this is not a veggie, but you could candy them and eat them atop a frosted cake.

I haven't posted any pretty veggie pictures lately. But this plot of ours is brimming with gorgeous things.
Like Eggplants.
 Tomatoes of the round kind,
and of the oblong.
There are gourds. Buttercup squash,
Jack o lantern.
Mystery gourd,
A second batch of strawberries?
A hint of beans to come.
A patch of Kale.

A fig, a fig!
Keep on growing, little patch of green goodness.-K

1 comment:

Pax said...

Wow, looking gr8. My garden was hit by deer, then chipmunks, then groundhogs, now chipmunks again. All with a fence around it. Deer found the one way to squeeze through. Groundhog found a way underneath. And chipmunks, creeps just went through the fence holes.

Lost mu eggplant (yours looks great, beans, chard and a few tomatoes. Everything else was chomped but has survived.

See you soon.