Saturday, August 9, 2008

How not to make rainbow crayons

I thought I would jiffy up the crayon drawers in the art room, remove all the crayons that were nubs, and put them back to use by making rainbow crayons.
Sounds so easy and gleeful, eh?
So I removed the offending wrappers, broke them up a bit.
I Pre heated the oven.  
K picked out a lamb cookie mold and we filled it to the brim with colorful bits.
 We put it in the oven and checked on it 5 min later.
Of course it leaked right out of the bottom!
 So, we scrapped the cute shape idea, toned down our creativity, and chose the practical self contained muffin tin!
Second attempt.
We cranked up the oven, and shoved them in. 
 So what if I got side tracked, and the awful smell of over cooked crayon smoke filled the kitchen?
Mmmkay... So instead of "Rainbow" we have a kind of a red, and a gray bubbly mud one.
 Whatever, they pass E muster!
So if one would really want to make rainbow crayons that look like rainbow crayons, they might want to take a minute to google it for a quick informative low down. They might find the real way to make a rainbow crayon.
 They might learn that they should LINE the muffin pan....
 Anyway, this is all Whimsi's fault really. I won a photo contest you know? The perfect bathroom picture arrived, 
 so I had to go to the craft store to buy a frame. But umm, while I was there we bought a ton of art supplies to trick out the art space. So that got me organizing the art room, which led to the brilliant idea of rainbow crayons... 
 See when you win the big prize people, it does change your life. Inevitably you make different decisions, acquiring items you normally wouldn't, and stinking the house up with burning wax.
It's all good though.
 I have to buy appropriate picture hanging hooks, and then I will post about that glorious print of blogosphere prizes, and it's perfect location above my toilet! 
M has a 4 girl sleep over today, wish me much luck and good kiddie juju!-K


Stephanie S. said...

Good luck!

Hey, no worries about the crayon thing. They actually work great, even though they might look funky.
I didn't have a recipe, either, though [grin] I did think to line the muffin pan with four paper cups!

Stephanie S. said...

Oh - I had to go look it up on the blog, and I used three and had a tiny bit of leaking action.
Next time four!

Dawn said...

LOL ~ The kids and I went to the Crayola factory last weekend and one activity is painting with melted crayon wax. It stunk there, I can only imagine what your house smelled like! I hope it was a nice day so you could open the sliders!!

AStarrA said...

With the cookie cutters you can wrap the foil tightly around the bottom and up the edges and it works :)