Monday, August 4, 2008

Giant sheep balls

Sheep do have BIG balls! I know cause this weekend I saw some big sheep balls. I mean isn't this a bit extreme?
They are so large that they also make a comfy leg cushion.
I wonder how big horse balls or wait, even elephant balls are?
Ok, enough about balls.
I'll get to the rest of the 4-H fair in a minute. I will try to go in order of where this weekend started. The kids stayed with my parents on Friday as I had a doctors appointment. As a matter of fact it was an annual appointment with the kind of Doctor who specializes in the exact opposite of balls. The kids went to the Bronx zoo. They got their faces painted, and they looked great.
Mom, I know you are reading this, send me those pictures! Can't wait to post them!
I, after my appointment, went clothes shopping. For me for once. I now have a decent summer wardrobe! Everything was on summer clearance. So next year I will be set! I have some winter shopping to do though, my wardrobe is just so pathetic. Lets just say I have been mostly shopping for the kids the last 5 or so years. I even bought 3 pairs of new shoes.
Anyway, the boys slept at my parents.  After A and I went out to dinner, yes it was a splendid day!, we picked up M and headed home. M did not want to miss Horse back riding so she opted to come home. Although, she was frustrated at her lesson. The horse was being a big butt head and not listening to her.  You could tell by her body language and her face that she was just beside herself. Even though she is a green rider, and the horse was just being tough, she was still down a bit. But she still loves to go, and next week she is gonna tell that horse what to do!
Or so she says...
So M has been on such a self motivated path lately. Just when I thought my kids were bored and need guidance, she stuck it to me!
My parents brought the boys home and stayed for a very rainy BBQ.
M told us all to go downstairs and she would call us up when our surprise was finished.
I was amazed. I was not expecting how all out she went.
She set the tablecloth(s), silverware, condiments, napkins, correct number of place settings, and even little notes as to our seating arrangements!
And she did it pretty quickly as well!
She has also been cleaning the house whenever she sees fit.
See what happens when you invite the kids to actively participate into your mundane adult chores? She even emptied my most messy drawer, vacuumed it and reorganized!
I had gotten a little bouquet of flowers, and M asked to boil water and drop the most colorful petals in to see if she could make dye...
No real dye occurred, but some greenish water happened. She then added sugar and other spices to see what would happen. 
Smelly water was all. But she had an idea, she made a hypothesis, she followed through, and she discovered that only certain plants will create a dye. A completely self taught science experiment.
How cool is that?
 Anyway, we headed out yesterday to a 4-H fair in Durham, CT. Besides giant sheep balls, we saw goats, pigs,
 big cows,
 baby cows,
really cute baby cows,
odd long legged poultry,
mini horses,
A llama parade. Because llamas dig getting in costume?
Yarn spinning/wheel playing,

Tractor pulling,
 who knew you could trick out a Deere?
K rode a mechanical bull!
Yee haw,
hang on,
 He's doing it!
 ride over!
 He lasted 08 seconds on level 2.
Then there was the finale..
 The house of bounce!
E climbed the great slide, it was high!
Getting ready to go...

 M at the crest,
 Reverse it,
all follow now!
Alright, so that was our weekend,
Peace out!-K


Bright Eyes said...

K- you have such a fun life! Your kids are going to grow up thinking you are totally awesome! I enjoy your blog. I need to involve my kids more too. Thanks for showing me that.


EC said...

ok, it wrong for the ac/dc song about balls to be going through my head right now?

You have the best posts, K. Seriously, I feel like I'm totally not doing enough with mine whenever I read here! LOL

Great, great post!!!

Stephanie S. said...

I've got
"Who's got the biggest
in my head. :)

julie said...

It looks like you guys had a great time at the 4h fair!

I also love the block crayons! and the pirates.