Friday, August 22, 2008

An E riddle ( a contest, of sorts)

Just what does E  mean when he says that he wants a " okelpots brumpella"?
 See how your toddler speak is, leave your best guess in the comments. I will reveal the
correct translation at the end of the contest! The winner will get some holiday oriented candles, because that's what I give.-K
 Oh and for rules and such. Well there isn't very many!
You can have like two three guesses.
Closest, first, wins.
 "contest" closes in 5 days. So noonish on the 27th of August, which is MY birthday :>)


Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

Polka Dots Umbrella :-)

Anonymous said...

that's just what i was going to say..a polka dot umbrella.

MamaK said...

Ok, so I guess that was easier than i thought! Candles for you both! Col, I will give you yours at the picnic, and lady bug, I will contact you on your blog, and I will get your mailing address!-K