Friday, August 15, 2008

Dirty photos

Very dirty!
So, I look at the window yesterday to see what the kiddies are up to, and I spy this:
and this!
What are they doing? 
So, I wait and watch and try and figure it all out. I am pretty sure that they have an explanation. Probably a rational to THEM sort.
I wait, and wait, and finally they run over and call to me to come out. In little cheeky, giggly voices.
Well, what is this all about? I had to video after they told me, way to funny. Damn world learning....

M looks like an ape girl that I saw on Monsterquest once.
E thoroughly enjoyed the whole bit.
I had a cute picture of K but he was, well, exposed. No kiddie porn on the creek, y'all!
Posing like little pre-historics! He is a little exposed here but not nearly as bad as the other one!
Doesn't M look scary fierce!
Racing, Aboriginal style.
I think pouring warm buckets of water off the deck was the highlight though, at least for me!-K


Anthony said...

I Love that!!They are having so much fun enjoying each other company. How wonderful that they can grow up together.

I remember when Ryan used to be covered head to toe on dirt. There are many days when I wish I could adopt a 4 year old for Ryan to hang out with. He has such great ideas but only his mom to execute them with. With Sage being 13 there is not too much brotherly playing going on over this way!


Dawn said...

How wonderful ~ They are having such fun!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Now that's dirty!!

Stephanie S. said...


(yes, i read lz's comment, but i was gonna say that before i read hers... :), so i'll just stick with it!!