Thursday, August 14, 2008

bird rescues, boat building, mud pies

and sibling love. Yesterday was one of those days where you fill the hours doing random stuff. The kind of stuff that just happens, because there is time.
 We have been purposely spending more time at home, and with each other. I just feel like we have been on the go most of the summer and have had lots of people come and go, and we need to inhale a bit. For our own good. My kids need to re bond, be good friends again.
 I just want to look at the trees, out in my own yard and take it all in. I'm refocusing, trying to contemplate my new goals for this upcoming year.
 So yesterday, K came in to inform me that we needed to do a bird rescue. Sometimes birds fly into our garage and become confused by the windows in there, and get stuck. Last time was a humming bird. This time it was a juvenile female cardinal.
Armed with a fishing net and a ladder I was a able to capture her in a couple of minutes. I wanted to take a closer photo, but she bit me! Quite a hard pinch in the softy fleshy bit next to my thumb. So she was released quickly. The kids were so happy, and argued over just who was the hero.
Later on, K, came in again with a fistful of twigs.
 "I want to make a boat. Where is the tape?"
 After some discussion of twig and tape placement, we came up with this:
We headed downstairs to cut up some old artwork for a sail, which resulted in this:
This boat making thing spread through the group rapidly, and within a half hour we had created these:
To the creek, 
for a release!
It seems they were top heavy or needed a ballast of sorts.
Scrap the lovely sails, and float raft style.
Much better.
 We're river rafters now!
Somehow boating morphed into mud pies.
 Mud pies are just so lovely to pat.
The buckets make the best sound while filling.
It's not just mud that goes in.
No, there is the making of mud to the correct consistency.
Then there is the finishing. 
Quite lovely indeed.
We ended happily dirty,
 and well just happy.-K

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Anonymous said...

cool boats/rafts. my boys are always collecting tree bark for making boats and rafts.