Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bad day

to be a chicken at the creek. On Sunday, two of our biggest meat birds numbers were up.
Time to get in to my belly.
 That sounds mean.
 I did feel badly for them.
So I sent this guy to go up and do the deed.
 Does he not look like a cold blooded chicken killer?
But HE IS.
K wasn't so sure he wanted drumsticks. 
He really had to think about it some.
 The chickens went for a quick dip in 140 degree water,
 you know to help with the plucking.
 A said the feathers were just falling off.
 I took him at word.
Starting to look less like what we see at the barn, and more of what I see in the oven.
Time for the innards to come on out and become dog food.
 E was very interested in all this.
He thought the feet in the bucket was a riot.
 Got some chicken goo on the fingers.
 Hose rinse!
Anyway in between all that, the kids, my parents and I, went across the street for some horse show viewing.
We hooked up with Julie and her crew.
We saw some horses take off and do their thing as fast as they could with riders of all levels. We sat right at the only place in or out. Some horses looked like they were going to crash in to us.
We moved on.
 We saw some barrel racing, 
that's K's favorite.
 The kids ate some donuts and shopped at a tag sale for miscellaneous balls, and those glass/ ceramic bells you get at different travel spots..
 They were really into those!?
We took a little hike and headed on home.
Guess what we had for dinner.


Bright Eyes said...

WOW! I guess vets don't take that hipocratic oath eh? ROFL! I haven't seen that done before. I need to keep watching your blog. I'm learning all sorts of things! Did she taste better than the store bought chickens? :)

MamaK said...

Hey, no actually a lot of vets hunt! Isn't that weird? But there are also a lot of vegan /peta types as well. It takes all kinds.
I was a little weirded out eating a bird that I knew, so I chewed really slow and swallowed hard. It tasted um, like chicken. SUPER FRESH chicken. Ha!-K

EC said...

Wow! I don't think I could eat a chicken I knew! The eggs, yes, no problem!

This was an awesome post. I've been wanting to raise chickens and now you've really taken the romance out of it for me and that's a good thing. I can see that it's not all clucks and eggs. :)

MamaK said...

Evie, You could raise chickens just for eggs. These were meat birds. You don;t HAVE to kill them. After about three years, the egg production will go down, but you could give those birds away and start a new flock. It CAN be all cluck and eggs.
We are just really mean.-K

Stephanie S. said...

oddly enough, it made it less... uh... brutal? for me.
Granted, I wasn't the one choppin a head, but still...
i've often questioned if i could do it if i was the one DOin' it, if you see what I mean.
i think now for the first time, that maybe i could.
imagine that.

(let me just say that it's not that i enjoy the thought, just that it doesn't seem quite so impossible now.)

if you know what i mean.
which prob'ly no one does.
moving on...

Stephanie S. said...

oh wait!!
i was shocked by your note on hf the other day... i didn't imagine that you ever read there.

Anonymous said...

woa! innards. i love that word.

mamak:"i was a little weirded out eating a bird that i knew,...SUPER FRESH chicken."